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MegaFandeckCloud ® is a powerful service to professionally manage color formulas from any device with Internet or Intranet connection.
With a central server location all the data is always up to date, patches and corrections are immediately available to all user worldwide.

Formula book

  • Unlimited product lines, fandecks and formulas.
  • Server database 100% compatible with all IRO Group products.
  • Formula calculated for different can sizes, units and paint characteristics.
  • Formula can be visualised in different units and formats.
  • Automatic dispensers compatible files can be downloaded within the application.
  • Realistic color swatches are use to immediately identify color codes and formula's components.
Formula book

Web services

  • All data is centralised, upgrades and corrections are immediately available for all users.
  • Works in the Internet, Intranet or any computer network.
  • Works with any device with an Internet browser. No installation or local software to deal with.
  • All data is secure and encrypted in the server, no formula tampering is allowed.
  • Client server communication can be secured for an additional layer of privacy.
  • Access can be password protected.
Cloud services

Cost calculator

  • Immediate calculation of any formula cost.
  • Total formula cost always quickly visible from the application.
  • Cost access can be password protected.

Color matching

  • Look-up and match using color data.
  • Look-up and match pre-stored color collections. It's an easy way to retrieve formulas for competitors' colors.
  • Selection of the best match based on color delta.
Formula book


  • Statistics about products and bases selection.
  • Statistics about color collections access.
  • Statistics about components/colorants selection.
  • All statistic files can be downloaded and are compatible with common text editors and spreadsheet applications.
Formula book


  • MegaFandeckCloud's logo can be customised with user's graphics.
  • The application automatically display content in the user's language.
  • Formula book content is fully customisable.